Making and Maintaining Your Own Gravel Driveway

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Small and smooth waterworn pebble

Gravel driveways can be a great option for many people seeking a durable, practical, and beautiful driveway. Gravel is extremely versatile and can vary in terms of style, color, size, etc. In many cases, it can also be a huge money saver when considering other options. Gravel driveways do, however, require a bit of maintenance. This is why we wanted to offer a few tips on how to do it yourself and do it right.


First – Be patient. A completely smooth surface is always the end goal. Driving on a bumpy road is annoying to say the least. The more even, the better. However, it is equally just as important to understand that having a “completely” smooth driveway is something only Michelangelo could achieve (and once it was finished, he would ban anyone from stepping foot on it!). So strive for perfection, but realize your gravel driveway will not be 100% perfect.


Second – Be excited! After all is said and done, your driveway will look revitalized and you will feel completely accomplished. Take that, Michelangelo!


Third – Get a tractor. With an incredible amount of raking/digging with hand tools, it is possible, depending on the size of your driveway, to keep a gravel road/driveway in shape without heavy duty tools. However, unless you want to become twins with the hunchback of Notre Dame from all the manual labor, you might want to look into borrowing/renting/buying a tractor. Mother Earth News gives a detailed description of good tractors and other tools needed for creating and maintaining a gravel driveway.

Heavy tandem road roller compacting layers of gravel on road construction site.

Fourth – Choose your gravel. When deciding which type of gravel to use, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the color and type. One thing to be sure of, however, no matter what type of gravel you use, it will not be round or uniform. In order to create a solid driving surface, the gravel needs to have irregular edges and packing dust. The Gravel Expert offers a helpful chart for calculating the amount of gravel to purchase.



Fifth – Repair the potholes. Unfortunately, potholes are regular pests that come with having a gravel driveway. According to Great Day Improvements, the “quick fix” approach is to get a pick and shovel and even out the gravel by hand. However, this will only lead to a future pothole in the same location. Great Day Improvements also suggests some long-term solutions which are achieved with machinery and professional tools. Renting the right kind of machinery can compact the gravel to create an even surface, and lead to less frequent repairs. To avoid potholes, it can also be beneficial to drive more slowly over the gravel than normal and put weight in the bed of pickup trucks that regularly use the road.


While this short segment only covers the tip of the iceberg in terms of gravel driveways, hopefully, this has provided direction with added excitement and conviction to create/maintain your own gravel driveway! The maintenance overall is quite simple, just give your gravel driveway the regular care and love it needs. With just a little bit of work, you can enjoy a beautiful drive on a road you can feel proud of. Nothing feels better than a job well done.


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