Uses of Aggregates


At Crusher Rental & Sales, we understand the unique need for aggregate material. That’s why we provide the highest quality crusher equipment to create the best aggregate for your use. But not everyone understands why aggregate material is so important, let alone what it can be used for. Aggregate use…

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The Science of Crushing

How can a machine take that massive boulder and turn it into aggregate? There’s more than just a machine at play. For centuries, people have been finding ways to effectively crush large materials, particularly rocks, in order to obtain construction materials, natural resources, and a better understanding of the geological…

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Custom Fabrication


We provide custom plate processing and metal fabrication for all customer specifications. Call us for all your custom plate and fabrication requirements. 435-251-8347

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Aggregate Trends for 2016

Reports about aggregate material from the past year offer some key insights into what we can expect throughout 2016. The United States Geological Survey reported that in 2015, 1.39 billion tons of crushed stone were used primarily for construction material, especially road construction. Other uses included cement manufacturing, lime manufacturing…

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5 Hardest Rocks on Earth

You have probably been digging in your backyard and struck a rock that just wouldn’t budge and may have even broken your shovel, or at least your will to keep digging. Chances are, it wasn’t a very tough rock as far as rocks go, but just in case, here are…

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History of Rock Crushing

Humans have been breaking and crushing rocks for thousands of years, and it is only relatively recently that machines have come along and made easy work for men. Rock crushing was an important part of construction even during the Roman Empire. They are credited with building the type of roads…

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Rock Crushing 101

Rock crushers can be typically identified as very big, very loud and producing lots of dust. Although there are different variations of crushers that can alter those characteristics, many of those in the business do not do that due to the cost of “taming” them. The most common types of…

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Built by Crushing Contractors for Crushing Contractors

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CR&S is dedicated to providing the most dependable, quality products and custom design fabrication to meet customer’s specific needs from single units to complete turnkey operations. CR&S specializes in all types of materials handling systems offering engineering designs, fabrications and quality service for the construction, mining and aggregate industries. CR&S…

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