Four Rocks Formations Worth Visiting In Southern Utah

Here at CR&S we know rocks. We build, sell, and rent machines that are solely designed for making rocks more manageable. But mother nature knows rocks even better than we do. Amazing rock formations are abundant in southern Utah and here in St. George we’re lucky to be close to so many natural rock wonders. Here are a few within our area that are worth a visit

Sugarloaf (Dixie Rock) 

Pioneer Park is first on our list. No matter where you live in St. George, this is just a short drive down the road. Just behind the famous Dixie rock, there is plenty of boulders to scramble around and a narrow slot called the Wedge that you can squeeze through. There are also caves and great places to view the sunset.  Dixie rock is a favorite of tourist and locals alike, and at any time of the year, you can see people on top of the rock. 


Kolob Canyon

Just an hour outside of St. George and past the entrance of Zion National Park is Kolob Canyon. You can hike around or take a scenic drive through the less crowded area of Zion’s. It’s a beautiful area with amazing cliffs and canyons that you can see for miles. Kolob is a great place to stop and see on your way to or from Zion’s, so don’t miss out on this hidden gem.


Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon just outside of Santa Clara is filled with rock formations including petrified sand dunes, canyons, and lava tubes. There are plenty of short hikes to do in the park that lead all over the red rock and offer great views. This state park is a less crowded option that is just as beautiful as Zion. It is open year- round and has hikes and trails for all abilities. 


Kanarraville Falls

This hike is through amazing slot canyons in a pristine river. Doing this hike in the summer is your best bet because it is in cool water and shade. You have to use a makeshift latter to climb over waterfalls, and it can lead to come great views. This hike used to be relatively unknown, but now it is very popular so plan your trip to go earlier in the day if you can.


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