5 Interesting Facts About Rock Crushing Equipment

Rock crusher equipment has a very specific purpose that a select group of people has the need for. Because of this, not very many people know what the equipment is and what it is used for. Yet some of the first rock crushing equipment date back to the 1800’s and had a major influence on the mining and industrial ages. Enjoy these 10 interesting facts about how rock crushing equipment impacts all of us.

    1. The first rock crushing machine was patented in 1830. The machine was a very basic version of a rock crusher and used the idea of a large hammer continually falling down on a rock to break it into smaller and smaller pieces.A pile of smooth, shiny river rocks on a white background.
    2. After the first rock crushing machine, new designs came out improving it with each one. The first mechanical impact rock crusher was invented by Eli Whitney Blake and was patented in 1858.
    3. Rock Crusher machines use the same techniques that break up rocks naturally but uses a machine to do it. This speeds up the process immensely which is why rock crushers were so innovative and important in the industrial age.
      Different kinds of stone on a gravel quarry. Construction background
  1. One of the two types of techniques used in rock crushing equipment is impact crushing. Impact crushers crush the rocks by throwing them against anvils that are fixed. Each time the rocks are thrown against then anvils they break up further and further. This way you can control the size of the rocks that you want to be broken up.
  2. The second technique used is compression crushing. These machines squeeze the rocks until they break essentially. This technique gives you less control over what size you want the rocks to end up.

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