Types of Screening Equipment

There are not very many companies in the United States that rent or sell screening equipment, and even less than that have a large selection of inventory. Crusher Rental & Sales is one of the exceptions. They have so many varieties of equipment that are available to buy or rent. There are so many variations of equipment available, and due to that, we are going to go over just three of the categories of screening equipment that Crusher Rental has available.



The main types of conveyors that are available are stackable conveyors, radial conveyors, and pit portable radial stackers. The different types of conveyors are usually used when a stockpile of a product is needed. How a conveyor works is quite simple. The materials are loaded onto one end of the conveyor and the conveyor belt moves the materials along the belt and then drops it off at the end location, creating a pile of the materials. The conveyor belts main purpose is to transfer material from one spot to another without having to use manual labor. The specificity of the conveyor type depends on what materials you are dealing with, how big of a stockpile, and other important factors about the specific circumstance.


Sand mining terminal with conveyer belts and silos on a summer day



A feeder is normally used for large sized or large amounts of rocks that need to be sorted, ground, etc. They will feed the materials into the machine and will sort them based on the size of the rock. Usually, there is a grate that has slits based on what size of rocks you want to drop and not pass through. The current option at Crusher Rental & Sales is the Simplicity Vibrating Grizzly Feeder, which is known for its ability to handle large, heavy materials.  


Impact Crushers

As implicated by the name, impact crushers are usually used to crush rocks. Unlike other crushers though, impact crushers do not just grind up the rocks until they are the desired size. It actually breaks the rocks using the impact and force of turning rods inside of the machine. The explanation of how they work given by Engineering Intro is, “There is a hopper [on] one side that takes the crushing material into the machine. All material is carried only within a cage. This cage has an opening on the end, bottom and on the side.”  


Industrial background with working gravel crusher


Those are just three of the categories of equipment that are available at Crusher Rental & Sales. If you are in need of equipment, this is one of the only companies that you will find in Utah that can help assist you with your needs. So give them a call if you are in need, and take advantage of such a great company, that’s right in your backyard!   

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