The Largest Removable-Track Rock Crusher

Rock crushers are hard to come by, in fact there only a handful of companies in the US that even have them available for rent. The machines themselves are very expensive and have a very specific purpose making them a rare piece of equipment to see. Though they are hard to come by, it doesn’t mean they all perform the same. The patent-pending technology that is used at Crusher Rental & Sales gives the crusher that extra edge that you are looking for. But what makes the equipment that much better?

close-up of excavator bucket loading rocks, stones, earth and concrete bricks from demolition site

  • Efficient: Because the crusher operates on a patented removable track technology, the normal set up and take down times are more than cut in half. The whole process of setting it up only takes an hour!


  • Convenient: Transporting this crusher is a breeze. All you need is a semi-truck to hook it up to and you are good to go. The removable track allows the crusher to “carry itself” in a way during transport, and a semi bed is not needed.
  • Safe & Reliable: This crusher uses a patent pending vibration suppression system that will allow you to use the crusher with more ease and safety. The crusher can also easily be raised and lowered through its hydraulic arms.
  • Innovative: At Crusher Rental & Sales we want to be able to satisfy any need that you may have. Due to this, we have added an innovative option to use a magnet to separate the steel and rebar. This way the crusher can be used for whatever crushing needs you have.

Abstract silver metal particles background
Power & Performance: As far as the specs go, this machine has it all. The featured crusher is the Crushboss 4142 Horizontal Shaft Impactor with a Simplicity 45″x16′ Vibrating Grizzly Feeder. It has a 42” conveyor with a 3 axle portable chassis.



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