Local Lakes

Many people know about the spectacular Salt Lake in Utah, but only locals really know about our two little state parks Sand Hollow and Quail Creek. These man-made state parks are great to have in the desert because you can use them to go boating, swimming, kayaking, and to just…

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Best Geology Museums to Visit

If you are a rock enthusiast, you have probably visited many geology museums in your life. They are usually fun, open places that are run by other geology enthusiasts and cater to all ages. A lot of the time they even have dinosaur bones and sandpits to dig in. Some…

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The Different Hardness of Stone

Gemstone decorated rings collection, Ceylon treasures. Sri Lanka precious jewels

Have you ever wondered why some stone is harder to crush than others, or why different rocks are used for different formations? Even if you haven’t, here’s an answer for the question you may or may not have asked yourself. All minerals are judged on a hardness scale called Mohs’…

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The Mystery of The Slithering Stones


If you ever find yourself in Death Valley, California you will find little vegetation, and even fewer animals,  only sand, rocks, and heat. But if you look closer, you may see that some rocks have trails leading from them as if they have been moving all on their own. The…

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Dinosaur Fossils in Southern Utah


We are very lucky to live in a place that is surrounded by such natural beauty. Southern Utah is home to so many unique rock formations and locations that people come from all over the world to see them.  We have volcanoes, lava tubes, petrified sand dunes and lots of…

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Volcanos in Utah

Volcanos are powerful, destructive, and awe-inspiring. They are a huge catalyst for how the landscape is shaped, and there are hundreds of active ones that still go off every year.  Famous examples, like Pompeii, show just how intimidating volcanos can be. Volcanos are usually associated with Pacific islands like Hawaii,…

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Most Expensive Space Rocks in the United States


Space is fascinating and mysterious. Humans love to dream about what lies beyond our little blue rock, but occasionally we get rocks that land on our planet from the beyond. It is exciting to see these rocks because they are the closest most of us will ever get to space.…

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Courbet, The Stonebreakers


  Many people would think that rock crushing would be a dull subject to paint, but Courbet’s The Stonebreakers of 1849 is regarded as a masterpiece. It depicts an old man and a boy crushing rocks by hand. The painting shows the hard reality of the poor and was a…

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